Friday, February 15, 2008




After years on working on RE2C to make it stable and ready to replace flex-based scanners, work on replacing PHP's flex-based scanner with a RE2C-based one has begun. Actually the work was started by Nuno Lopes and Scott MacVicar on 14th of February 2008, after I happily informed them that I considered RE2C ready for this task. I joined the work a day later, contributed a few ideas and helped with minor RE2C improvements. Today on the 15th of February we can already run make test and get over 98% PASS.

This encouraged me to spend a bit more time on RE2C and release 0.13.2, which you can download here (sorry but it is on sourceforge).

Thanks to Scott, we also have a subversion and Trac setup here, where you can follow our development. If you want to experiment yourself, or even help in our efforts, then you can checkout from svn://

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