Sunday, March 8, 2009


PHP Quebec 2009

Unfortunately this year I could not go snowboarding before PHP Quebec 2009 Conference because of my work schedule. So I flew from NYC to Montreal only on Tuesday afternoon. The conference yet again changed the Hotel and was this year held in the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. Personally I liked the Sofitel better as a hotel, but for the conference the new hotel is definitively a better choice. We had more rooms, generally more space and - a working WIFI. Probably the first conference with a working WIFI. Thanks Anna, Sylvain and Yann. The conference itself was good as always and we had a lot of fun during the evenings - of course. I gave two planned talks and I had to jump in for my dear friend Sara, who could not come herself because she got sick right before the conference. Luckily my friend Johannes agreed to join me for the jump in on the extension writing talk. And we really both enjoyed the Worst PHP Practice talk, for which actually my wife Caitlin had the idea - thanks for that (and many other things). The talks are online:
Other talks were luckily not too much about PHP 5.3. Instead it turns out that people are interested in the current stable platform PHP 5.2 and are willing to get us core developers more time to get the new features, most notably closures , namespaces and Phar done right (to name a few I contributed to). If you are still interested in more about PHP 5.3, check out Johannes' talk . Something else of interest; I was happy to hear and see that other presenters used Google Chart API in their talks for examples.

At the last night of the conference we went to Le Deux Pierrots. And of course we finished the conference week with a visit to Sucrerie de la Montagne. And believe it or not, we poured sugar syrup onto soup and coffee as well as over mashed potatoes, meet - and - sugar pie. Finally in the afternoon I had to leave to the airport - learning from last years stress with getting the plane, this year I booked a later flight.
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Thanks for the PDF on PHP Extension, i was going crazy on my notes for the exact URL you gave at the PHP Quebec conference.
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