Sunday, March 8, 2009


New York, Part II

I was really happy after arriving at the apartment building, that for the coming week I got a very nice apartment in the Chelsea area. There is a Whole Food market just at the opposite corner. And also a lot of restaurants and bars. So, being hungry but not too much after the Sugar Shack, or should I say Sock, I set out for something smaller. Usually one would find that hopeless, since in USA people seem to always confuse Quality and Quantity. But heck I found a place called brgr on 7th Avenue between 26th and 27th street. I somehow got the feeling that they wrote the name that way, to hint that they actually would not hold size over everything else. Inside I found myself corrected, not only did they obviously care not so much for size, but they really seemed to care about quality. Heck they even get their pattys made from grass fed cows. Yeah, we live in such a perverted world that most beef you eat comes from cows that eat other animals and a bunch of chemicals for drinks. Originally I planned to have a Jamba Juice, which I happily also found next to the apartment building, but then brgr offered a Blueberry - Pomegranate Milkshake. Hmmmm, delicous.
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You might like GBK in London then :)
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