Sunday, January 4, 2009


Seven Things About Me - Tagged by Andi

So my friend Andi tagged me and here are my seven confessions.

1) I really love coffee. I always have, and luckily I work for a company that has extremely decent coffee and coffee equipment - at least in the office I was hired into. So I don't possess a real coffee machine other than the Senseo, one I got from my parents so that they can get coffee on a visit.

2) Just like Andi, I also have an issue with shaving. And just like him, neither Army nor Wife turned me into a responsible daily shaver. We'll see if our son Felix Alexander, whom we expect in May, will convince me to change my unruly ways.

3) Speaking of the Army. I was a tank commander and got to be the first Lieutenant to be named in a brigade meeting to conclude a several day training, for having parked my tank in the mud. That alone was not so much of an accomplishment, but having performed my duties while taking about a day to get the tank out under supervision of every high-ranked officer in the area was.

4) I have always done lots of sports of all kinds. I even became a licensed trainer during my university time and gave fitness and aqua fitness classes. For some time I did up to 20 hours of sports per week including Aerobics and Step Aerobics, and I even performed in a few shows. I ran a marathon but nowadays limit myself to snowboarding and inline skating. Probably because I spend too much time on Open Source. And working for a company where internally everything is like Open Source does not help either.

5) My university, having several professors directly connected to CERN, was one of the first to participate in the Internet. So I became interested and trained my colleagues to some success. So much success, in fact, that I had to write a web server myself so that the company could ship the now HTML documentation to their clients, which did not have the slightest clue what this was all about nor had heard of a webserver at all.

6) I once got a call from my very good friend, Rainer, while sitting at breakfast with all my friends, saying, "hey pour me a coffee, I'll grab you in a minute." After the coffee, we drove to a company run by friends and I was asked to say yes to everything. Apparently a major German television channel had problems with one of their internet apps. So we spent Saturday morning to Monday morning trying to fix it. Well, I said "it's not fixable but can be redesigned" and so I did. After 2 days without sleep, I took a nap before teaching an aqua fitness class that evening. Coming back into the office afterwards, I ran into a meeting and hearing 'Money doesn't matter', I sat down, listened and became a freelancer that week.

7) I lost weeks and weeks of my university time playing Ultimate Underworld IV. Having killed the dude that can repair the sword that is the only weapon to kill the last opponent, I couldn't even finish it. That's why I do not play video games.

And here are the rules I'm supposed to pass on to the following bloggers:

And as for chaining, in no particularly significant order:

YOU TEACH AN AQUA FITNESS CLASS??? That should have certainly been one of the 7 things about you ;)
Hey Marcus,

for some reason the story of doing an undoable project for a television broadcast company sounds familiar to me :)

Cheers & Happy New Year,
Rene, I guess that's because you had sleepless nights as well, as far as I remember.
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